• Splendid alfonsino

Latin name

Beryx splendens

Other names

Beryx splendens Lowe, Beryx splendens, slender beryx, slender narrowside alfonsino, red snapper, goldeneyed perch, beryx long, beryx allonge, alfonsino, alfonsino besug, imperador, alfonsim de costa estreita.


The body is elongated, its height less than or equal to the length of the head. The head is large. The eyes are rather large. In front of the eye there is a strong, sharp spike. The base of the dorsal fin is shorter than the base of the anal fin. The body is covered with ctenoid scales. There are no enlarged scales on the belly. The last scales of the lateral line extend to the rays of the caudal fin.  

Fish colouring

Upper half of head and back, fins, gill cavity, mandible and subglabellar part of head bright red, sides pink; belly silvery white; iris pink; peritoneum black. 


Almost ubiquitous in the Atlantic. In the Indian Ocean, it inhabits subtropical and temperate waters. In the Pacific, it is common off the southeast coast of Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In the eastern Pacific, it is known to occur off the coast of Chile, on the southern half of the East Pacific Rise.


They inhabit temperate and subtropical waters at depths of 25 to 1300 metres, most commonly 400 to 600 metres.


Its maximum length is 70 cm, with a normal size of up to 40 cm. At 55 cm long, its mass is approximately 6260 g. 


A gregarious fish. During the day it remains on the bottom and at night it breaks away and enters the water column, often forming large aggregations.

Food and feeding habits

The diet consists of various macroplankton, mainly crustaceans, fish (including myctophids) and small squid.


Females reach maturity at 28 cm and males at 33 cm. Off the coast of New Caledonia, they spawn in summer with a peak in December-January. Potential fecundity is estimated at 270-675 thousand eggs.


The annual catch is several thousand tonnes. The splendid alfonsino is very tasty and is used in fried, boiled and smoked forms.

Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Squad Beryciformes
Family Berycidae
Genus Beryx
Species B. splendens
Conservation status Least Concern
Habitat Pelagic
Life span, years No information
Maximum body weight, kg 8,5
Maximum length, cm 70
Sailing speed, m/s No information
Threat to people Edible
Way of eating Predator

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Splendid alfonsino

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