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     North Pacific herring, Pacific herring (eng), Pacifisher hering (deu), aringa del Pacifico (it), Восточная, тихоокееанская сельдь (ru)


     Body compressed from sides, covered with easily falling off scales, mouth medium size, end of upper jaw reaches vertical of middle of eye. Teeth are weak. D-17-20 (average 15, first 3-4 rays unbranched), A-12-16 (average 14, first three rays unbranched), P-15-19, 53-55 vertebrae. Dorsum dark blue, flanks light, without spots, abdomen silvery-white.


     Widespread in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, noted in the Bosphorus, the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Adriatic Sea.


     Marine fish, but does not avoid significantly desalinated waters. Gregarious fish. When waters warm up in summer, it moves away from shores and goes to relatively deep waters.


     Spawning within the entire range, preferably in bays and gulfs. In most cases, eggs are laid in the algae belt zone, at a depth of 2-4 meters, primarily on the zoster. Spawning occurs at temperatures of 0-6 degrees Celsius. Salinity at different spawning grounds may be from 12 to 32-33 ppm.


     At 3 degrees Celsius the eggs develop 23-24 days, at 6 degrees Celsius - 16-17 days.


     Length up to 50 centimeters, weight 735 grams. Sexual maturity occurs at the age of 3-5 years. Life expectancy 6-17 years.


     The flounder is a predator. The basis of the diet consists of fish (barbel, atherina, whiting, herring), crustaceans and mollusks. The most intensive feeding is in winter.


     Almost all herds fatten and winter in the open sea. Spawning migrations are small. They are longest in Sakhalin and Kamchatka.



Phylum Chordates
Class Flaming fish
Squad Нerring
Family Mackerel
Genus Herring
Species Pacific herring
Conservation status Least Concern
Habitat Pelagic
Life span, years 9
Maximum body weight, kg 0,9
Maximum length, cm 45
Sailing speed, m/s 3,9
Threat to people Edible
Way of eating Planktonophage

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Pacific herring

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