Fauna of the Visayan Sea

A small sea in the Philippine archipelago between the islands of Masbate in the north, Leyte in the east and southeast, Cebu and Negros in the south and Panay in the west. It is connected to the Camotes Sea by the Canigao Strait and to the Sibuyan, Samar, Mindanao and Sulu Seas. The proximity of the equator, the constant salinity of the water and the depth of the water are responsible for the rich underwater world, which is mainly centred on coral reefs. There are many species of fish, coral reefs, dolphins, sharks and other marine life. Many of them are endemic and only found in this region.

Common fish in the Visayan Sea

The locals are engaged in fishing and seafood. The sea is rich in coral and pearls. Salmonidae, Pleuronectidae, Pacific cod, chum salmon, pink salmon, Alaska pollock, Pacific herring, Pacific saury, fur seal and earless seal are the most common. Shrimps, crabs and crayfish are the main resources of the Visayan Sea. Aquatic species include Sardine, Cheloniidae, Hydrophiinae, Frogfish, many Solenostomus, Seahorse, Cirrhitidae and others.

Diving in the Visayan Sea

Divers often encounter barracuda, caranx, large loggerhead turtle, redtoothed triggerfish, lutjanus, have a chance to see latticed butterflyfish, octopus, and the most eagle-eyed will certainly see tylosurus acus, angler and dwarf seahorse. No dive on the shallow reefs is complete without crabs, shrimps and nudibranchs.

Sharks in the Visayan Sea

Visitors to this area can expect to see thresher sharks hunting for sardines and whale sharks, which come here between August and September. The latter come to the feeding site everyday - and you can snorkel or dive with them.

Invertebrates of the Visayan Sea

The islands in this region are rich in a variety of Coral, Gorgonaria and Sponge. The waters of the Visayan Islands are filled with plankton and other nutrients that help keep local ecosystems in balance. Mangrove are located near some of the islands. The sand is also teeming with life. It is home to Nudibranch ranging from tiny to palm-sized giants, Decorator crab, Harlequin shrimp, Mantis shrimp, Metasepia pfefferi, Seahorse.... 

Sharks, Thresher

Sharks, Thresher

Latin name Alopias species Other names Fox shark, longtail thresher, pelagic thresher, sea fox, s..

Whale shark

Whale shark

Latin nameRhincodon typusOther namesRhincodon typusIdentificationThe body is strong and thick, the h..

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