• Xiphiidae

Xiphiidae is a family of fishes of the order Perciformes. Includes 1 genus with a single representative - Xiphias gladius. The body is torpedo-shaped, naked with keels on the caudal peduncle. Snout in the form of a sword-like outgrowth. No pelvic fins. Marine fishes. inhabitants of epipelagial tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of all oceans. Active and fast swimmers. Swimming speed up to 130 km / h. Following the flocks of fish, which they feed on, make distant migrations. Sometimes enter the Black Sea and the Sea of Japan They lead a solitary lifestyle. Length up to 4.5 m, weight up to 600 kg. Eggs are pelagic. Feed on fish and cephalopod mollusks. Swordfish is a valuable commercial fish and is an object of sport fishing.

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