• Water content of the river

The amount of water brought by the river over a certain period of time, compared to the average.


low water content (mezen);

average water content;

high water content (floods and floods) or high water content.

The relative characteristics of the discharge for a given period compared to its long-term average or to the discharge for another period in the same year. The concept of "water content of a river" is used to assess changes in the flow of a given river. The concept of "water content of a river" should be distinguished from the concept of "high water". Flood is the period of the year when the water content of the river is at its highest, with a high and sustained rise in the water level, usually accompanied by the release of water from the river bed to the floodplain. The numerical expression of the water content is the "modular coefficient", which is defined as the ratio of the annual discharge for a given year (calendar or water management) to the long-term average annual discharge.

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Water content of the river

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