• Vyaziga

A food product that is obtained from the shell of a chord or dorsal string passing through the cartilaginous spine of sturgeon fish. The internal substance (hide) is squeezed out of the chord extracted from the spine, then it is cut into strips, dried, and bundled.

The sturgeon's chord remains throughout its life as a continuous cord of fairly dense vesicular tissue, covered by a layer of fibrous connective tissue (skeletal layer) with cartilaginous parts (upper and lower arches).

To obtain a vizyga, a small incision is made in the cartilaginous backbone of the fish (in the skeletal layer), the vizyga is grasped and pulled out in its entirety as a long strip. After washing, the outer soft cartilaginous layer (tendon sheath), which is not suitable for eating, is separated by pressing the vise firmly against the edges of the barrel in which it was washed. These strips are then dried in special structures in the form of towers with walls made of narrow planks between which slits about two centimetres wide are left to allow the wind to blow through the dried tussock. After drying, the ribbons are tied into bundles of 12 beluga and 20 sturgeon, catfish and starred sturgeon for sale.

Vizyaga swells strongly when boiled in water and in this form, finely chopped, it is used in the preparation of kulebyaka, alone or together with other fish, there is no other use.

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