Vendace are two species of fish in the genus whitefish, family Whitefish.

European (Coregonus albula) inhabits the basins of the Baltic, White and Barents Seas. It is known in lakes on the Kola Peninsula and in the upper reaches of the Volga. It is a semi-passable and lake fish. It forms two main forms: large (up to 40 cm in length and 450 g in weight) and small (up to 16 cm and 25-50 g). The small one matures at 2 years of age. Spawns in late fall or early winter, on rocky and sandy soil. Fecundity is 3,000 eggs. Large, inhabiting Onega and Ladoga lakes, becomes sexually mature in the 3rd year of life. Fecundity is about 5 thousand eggs. The Siberian (Coregonus sardinella) inhabits water bodies of the Arctic Ocean basin (from Kara to Kolyma). Compared to the European (Coregonus albula), its dorsal fin is shifted forward and its eye diameter is slightly smaller. Body length up to 42 cm, weight 800-1000 g. It forms semi-passable, river and lake forms. It reaches sexual maturity at 3-5 years of age. Spawning in October-November. It lays eggs on sandy soils. Fecundity is 4-50 thousand eggs. Spawning is not annual. Life expectancy is 11-12 years. The diet is based on planktonic organisms, mainly copepods and cladoceres. They have an important commercial value.

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