• Unscreened roe

Unscreened roe - prepared from unripe caviar of sturgeon and salmon fish. Due to the impossibility of separating caviar, ovaries (ovaries) are salted in cold saturated salt solution. Ovaries of pike-perch, pike, pike-perch, pike-perch, etc. are also used for making caviar roe.

The core is a thin but strong film that forms a shell bag containing the caviar of salmon and sturgeon fish. The presence or absence of the core during the salting of caviar plays a significant role in the formation of its quality and type (red and black caviar) as a finished product.

Caviar that is salted in crusts and comes in this raw form for sale is called crusty caviar. It is of low quality, often over-salted, sometimes has a piled, compacted, dried-up appearance and consistency and is valued much cheaper than grainy and payusnyaya caviar.

Oyster caviar is black and very often red. It is impossible to separate it from the ovaries.

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Unscreened roe

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