• Polysaprobic pond

Heavily polluted, with a high content of organic matter, almost complete absence of oxygen, accumulation of undecomposed proteins, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. A polysaprobic reservoir is characterized by a certain composition of biota (polysaprobic species). A polysaprobe pond is often formed in places where wastewater is discharged.

Polysaprobny pond:

1) a reservoir significantly polluted with organic substances, containing a large number of bacteria (about 1 million / ml of water) and almost completely devoid of free oxygen. In the water of the polysaprobny reservoir there are a lot of non-decomposable proteins, a significant amount of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide, but reducing biochemical processes are possible;

2) a body of water heavily polluted with sewage of anthropogenic origin.

The polysaprobe zone (zone of heavy contamination) corresponds to fresh contamination of the reservoir with domestic sewage. It is characterised by the presence of a large number of complex protein compounds. There is no free oxygen, so biochemical processes of a restorative nature take place.

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Polysaprobic pond

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