• Suction fishing gear

Fish pumps used to catch mainly schooling fish, attracted to the light or concentrated in the area of the fish pumps by electric fishing gear: electro-horn, electro-fence.

An instrument of industrial fishing and a means of transporting fish in which a centrifugal or water jet pump is used as the working organ. Fish pumps are used for fishing by suction with seawater from a fish cluster and feeding it to a vessel; for pumping (pouring) from fishing gear to a vessel (e.g. pouring fish from a purse seine with a submersible fish pump); for transferring fish from mines to fish processing vessels or from vessels to coastal fish receiving plants. Fish pumps may be stationary or portable (submersible), installed on vessels or on shore, and may be electrically, hydraulically or mechanically driven (from the main engine or a dedicated internal combustion engine).

Several types and sizes of fish pumps are available. The set of a stationary fish pump includes suction and pressure rubber-reinforced wire hoses with an outboard nozzle and check valve, a water separator and start-up equipment. The water separator drains the water from the pump overboard, leaving the fish on the boat. When fishing with a fish pump, stimulating stimuli are used to attract the fish to the suction zone - underwater lights, electric current, sound, etc.

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Suction fishing gear

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