• Spermatophores

From the ancient Greek σπέρμα "seed" and φορός "bearing".

Spermatophores are seminal sacs in which mature spermatozoa accumulate (cartilaginous fishes, some carpozoans).

Spermatophores are used by representatives of many taxa, among them:


molluscs: cephalopod molluscs, some groups of gastropod molluscs;

caudal amphibians.

The mechanisms by which the spermatophore enters the female reproductive ducts vary between groups. In most arthropods, transport is accomplished by the limbs. Spermatophores of cephalopod molluscs are transported from the mantle cavity of the male to the mantle cavity of the female by a specialized tentacle, the hectocotyl. In octopuses, the hectocotyl is able to detach from the body, independently find the female and enter her mantle cavity.

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