• Spawning season

Spawning is the process of removal of mature eggs by fish. A distinction is made between fish with simultaneous and batch spawning. In the first case, all eggs are spawned in one go within a few minutes or hours (pike, perch, whitefish). In batch spawning, eggs are laid in portions with intervals of several days to 2- 3 weeks (herring, crucian carp, tench). Portion spawning fish lay 2-3 times more eggs per season than fish with a single spawning.

After spawning, the eggs are fertilized by spermatozoa contained in the milk with which the male waters them. The time of spawning depends on the temperature conditions of the year and is different for different fish. In carp, carp carp, carp carp spawning occurs at a water temperature of 17-19 °, in tench at 20 °, in crucian carp at 18-20 °, in bream at 10-15 °, in pike - at 6-8 °.

The time of the first spawning (sexual maturity) in different fish comes at different ages. Thus, carp, carp, carp, bream, pike mature in 3-4 years, tench, crucian carp - in 2 - 3 years.

Pond fish lay eggs in specially arranged spawning ponds seeded with soft meadow vegetation that serves as a substrate for egg attachment.

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Spawning season

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