• Scomberesocidae

Scomberesocidae is a family of fishes of the Beloniformes. The body is arrow-shaped, covered with small easily falling scales. Closed-bellied fish. There are no barbs in the fins. There are additional fins on the caudal peduncle. The jaws are elongated in the form of a straight thin beak, studded with small teeth. The dorsal fin is located above the anal fin. Includes 4 genera, 4 species. Oceanic gregarious fish, live in subtropical and temperate waters of all oceans. Marine gregarious pelagic fish Cololabis saira and Scomberesox saurus have a body length of 30-45 cm. They lay pelagic eggs. They feed on zooplankton. The most commercially important is saira, which is found in the Sea of Japan. Its limiting age is 6-7 years. It feeds mainly on pelagic crustaceans, eggs and fish larvae.

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