Schizothorax is a genus of freshwater fishes of the family Cyprinidae. Scales are small. The mouth is lower or semi-lower. The antennae 2 pairs. Inhabit water bodies of Central Asia. River and lake fishes. Schizothorax intermedius and Schizothorax pseudaksaiensis spawn from May to August, Schizothorax argentatus - in April - May. Eggs are laid on stony soils. During spawning, eggs and peritoneum are poisonous. Young fish feed on plant and animal food, adult fish are predators. Schizothorax are of local commercial importance. The object of sport fishing.

The body of fish of this genus is roll-shaped, covered with fine scales. The basic color of scales is cream or gray-olive, dorsum and fins are gray, the caudal fin and anal opening are bordered by a number of enlarged scales. At the corners of the mouth are two pairs of short whiskers. The pharyngeal teeth of these fish are three-rowed (5,3,2-2,3,5). Marinka reach 1 m in length and weigh up to 12 kg[1]. The abdomen is black and from this probably comes the local name "karabalyk" or black fish[2]. Spawning occurs in spring in rivers. The eggs are poisonous, bottom-feeding, sticky.

These fish have delicious fatty meat, but they are eaten only after removing the eggs, milk and black film of the peritoneum, as well as gills, as they contain poisonous substances (especially in spring).

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