Salvelinus is a genus of fish in the salmon family. They have very fine smooth scales, which makes the fish seem naked to the touch - hence the name. 

There are two different genera of fish: 

1) Salvelinus - a genus of fish of the salmon family, 2 species (according to other data - 4): char (S. alpinus) and kunja (S. leucomaenis). 

They form living forms in lakes (some taxonomists consider them subspecies and even species). Distributed off the coast of Europe and North Asia. Body length 35-65 cm (rarely up to 88 cm), weighs 1-3 kg (sometimes up to 15 kg). 

Passable fish. Entering the rivers for spawning in June - September, spawning in October - November in the 6th-7th year of life. Young fish at the age of 2-4 years go to sea. Kunja inhabits the waters of the Far East; the subspecies S. alpinus malma is also found there. 

Meat is of high taste qualities, but commercial value is low. 

2) Nemachilus is a genus of freshwater fish of the loach family. Body length up to 35 cm. Some commercial value has a goobach. Coulter is short, broad. Many of them are endemics. 

Salvelinus alpinus is the most widespread. Circumpolar species. Forms passageways, lake, river, and stream forms. Nine subspecies. The body length of migratory salvelinus is up to 90 cm and weight up to 15 kg; body length of lake and lake-river species is 30-70 cm. 

It matures in the fifth-seventh year of life. Spawning in autumn and winter in rivers and lakes. Lithophilous, eggs are laid in the nests. Fertility about 3.5 thousand eggs. Feed on fish, mollusks and insect larvae. In a number of water bodies salvelinus are valuable commercial species.

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