Resident fishes are an ecological group of freshwater fishes that stick to the same habitats all the time. Only some of them make small local migrations related to weather conditions, season of the year, spawning, feeding, flooding and other factors. There are known spawning migrations in spring of taimen, lenok, harnus, rising from the main river channels to the upper reaches of numerous tributaries of the Yenisei for spawning, wintering migrations of carp, crucian carp, roach, bream, when fish after feeding gather in numerous herds and migrate from shallow waters to deep places for wintering. Usually the migrations of resident fish are characterized by a short length. Such species as lake minnow, spiny minnow, Siberian jackfish and many other fish do not make noticeable migrations, keeping their favorite habitats throughout the year. They are opposed to passable and semi-passable. The majority of freshwater fishes belong to the living fish.

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Residential fish

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