• Pressed caviar

Pressed caviar eggs are flat and dense. The specific taste is ensured by a combination of slightly dried (fermented) eggs and fresher eggs saturated with brackish sturgeon fat. To prepare pressed caviar, the caviar of freshly caught fish is salted directly in the crusts.

Pressed caviar is obtained by soaking sturgeon caviar for 2-3 minutes in sturgeon fish caviar heated up to 45° curing slurry, and then the salted and partially boiled caviar is placed under a press to press the internal content of eggs. After squeezing and cooling caviar is put into kegs. The salinity of pressed caviar varies from 4.5 to 8%. The best pressed caviar is obtained from sturgeon caviar.

For the preparation of pressed caviar, the grains of sturgeon or sturgeon, the fattier species, are most often used. Red paius caviar is not produced, it is only grained.

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Pressed caviar

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