Pollachius virens is a marine fish of the cod family. Body length up to 1.2 m. Weight up to 10 kg, usually 60-90 cm, weight 1.5-2 kg. The first dorsal fin is long. The antenna on the chin is barely visible. Inhabits the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Pelagic fish, keeps in small flocks. Goes to the mouths of rivers. Spawns in portions, at depths of up to 100 meters. Fecundity is from 100 to 600 thousand eggs. Eggs hatch in the water column. It feeds on crustaceans and fish. Small in number. Small commercial value.

The body is elongated, has 3 dorsal and 2 anal fins. The lateral line, a clearly visible light band, runs parallel to the back. The coloration of the upper part is blackish, passing on the sides to silver-white color on the belly. In adult fish, the lower jaw is slightly forward. The chin tendril is very short.

Life expectancy is up to 25 years. Maximum body length is 130 cm and mass is 32 kg.

Inhabits the entire North Atlantic and northern North Sea, rarely seen in the Baltic Sea. Usually stays close to the coast and in the open sea.

Pelagic gregarious fish, inhabiting depths up to 250 meters. The main source of food for juveniles is crustaceans and fish eggs, while adults prey on small gregarious fish (herring, sprats).

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Pollachius virens

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