• Phenotype

From ancient Greek φαίνω "manifesting; revealing" + τύπος "pattern".

Phenotype - the totality of all traits of one organism, both external and internal. It is determined by genotype and environmental conditions.

Phenotype can be defined as the "export" of genetic information to environmental factors. To a first approximation, we can speak of two characteristics of the phenotype: a) the number of directions of export characterises the number of environmental factors to which the phenotype is sensitive, i.e. the dimension of the phenotype; b) the "range" of export characterises the degree of sensitivity of the phenotype to a given environmental factor. Taken together, these characteristics determine the richness and development of the phenotype. The more multidimensional the phenotype and the more sensitive it is, the further the phenotype is from the genotype, the richer it is.

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