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Milt is the sperm of fish produced at the time of spawning. The name is derived from the color and consistency of the seminal fluid in the testes, which is ejected during spawning. It is not uncommon for milt to be called the testes of fish.

Mature milt have a milky white color, which is where their name comes from. In fish with internal insemination, spermatozoa are combined into aggregates - spermatophores and spermoseigmas.

For artificial insemination of eggs, they are obtained from naturally mature males or after hormonal influences (injection of a suspension of pituitary gland of some fish or other preparations into the muscles of the body of males). They are decanted by lightly pressing on the abdomen.

In milt, the sperm are immobile.

Milt contains complete animal proteins and is therefore very nutritious. Proteins (protamines) are obtained from milt from sturgeon, salmon and other fish, which, in combination with a number of medicinal substances, prolong the effect of these substances and are also used as an antidote for heparin overdose.

The milt of salmon fish concentrates vitamins B, C, E, which can reduce cholesterol plaques.

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