Lobsters (Nephropidae) are a division of the suborder Reptantia of the order Decapoda. In appearance they resemble river crayfish. Large animals - length 30-60 cm, body mass - 7-15 kg. The first pair of walking legs has powerful claws, the next two pairs have small claws. Life expectancy for males is 31 years, for females - 54 years. Lobsters are objects of fishing. In cooking, lobster is considered a delicacy.

Members of the lobster family have large clawed limbs, otherwise their shape is similar to river crayfish. True lobsters are distinguished by the presence of very large claws on the first pair of legs, and smaller claws on the second and third pairs. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced - males are much larger than females. The abdomen is well developed and its segments and appendages are easily distinguishable. The body wall is represented, as in all crustaceans, two layers - exoskeleton and ectodermal epidermis, which forms the shell. The shell periodically molts, allowing the animal to grow. The musculature of the body is represented by specialized muscles.

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