• Intensity of nutrition

The intensity of nutrition is the ratio of the raw weight of the contents of the digestive tract consumed per unit of time to the unit of body weight.

The intensity of fish nutrition varies by season: in spring and autumn, at the same temperature, it is different.

The amount of power intensity can vary greatly. If a fish feeds on all organisms in a row, the ratio of food organisms in its food lump and reservoir will be the same and the index will be equal to one; if a fish prefers an object and takes it more often than others, it will be more in the lump and the index will be higher than one; if a fish avoids some organisms, their share in the food lump it will decrease, therefore, the index will be less than one. The intensity of nutrition varies depending on the type and condition of fish (age, sex) and the richness and availability of food fauna, which, in turn, is determined by the season, the cycle of development of food organisms, climatic conditions and the nature of the reservoir.

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Intensity of nutrition

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