Incubation apparatuses are a device for incubating fish eggs and other hydrobinonts, installed in a natural reservoir or in incubation workshops of fish hatcheries.

In factory conditions, incubation devices of 2 types are used; for incubation of caviar in a stationary state (devices of the Costa, IM, IVTM, SK-75 systems, etc.); for incubation of caviar in a suspended state (Weiss, VNIIPRHa, Chez, etc.).

The apparatus of the Costa system is a box made of sheet iron (length 50 cm, width 20 cm, height 10 cm). A wooden frame covered with a metal mesh is placed on the ledge of the walls, on which salmon caviar is placed (2-2.5 thousand pieces). Water is supplied at one edge of the device, washes the eggs and is discharged through a spout located on the opposite side. Water consumption 0.6 l/min. The devices are installed in the incubation shop in a ladder order in groups of 4-6 pcs.

Devices IM, IVT, IVTM (capacity 300, 160 and 200 thousand eggs) are located one above the other in 5-8 rows. Water is supplied to the upper incubation apparatuses, then to the underlying ones, the water consumption at the incubator is 5 l/min, at the IVT and IVTM is 10 l/min.

The Weiss apparatus is a cylindrical, tapering vessel (volume 8 liters), the lower opening of which is closed with a stopper. A metal tube is passed through the plug, through which water is supplied under pressure to the lower part of the device and raises the eggs up. In the upper part of the apparatus, the water pressure weakens and the eggs fall down, where they are again picked up by the flow of water. This is how the continuous movement of eggs during incubation is carried out. The water is discharged through the drain pipe. The devices are usually mounted on 10-20 pcs. on one rack. Up to 500 thousand eggs are incubated in the Weiss apparatus . carp eggs, 700-800 thousand pelage eggs, 250 thousand pike eggs; water consumption 2-4 l/min.

For the incubation of herbivorous fish eggs, VNIIPRH incubation devices are widely used, which are advanced Weiss devices. Their volume is 50, 100 and 200 liters; the amount of incubated caviar is 350, 700-750 and 1500 thousand pieces, respectively; water consumption is 3-4, 5-7 and 8-10 liters/min.

Incubation devices ventilator-2 and "Dnepr-1" with a volume of 200 liters work on the principle of creating a rotational-outgoing flow of water. In the ventilator-2, the eggs of herbivorous fish are incubated (up to 1.5 million pieces) and 2-3 million pre-larvae of herbivorous fish, buffalo, carp are kept until they switch to mixed nutrition: water consumption from 3 to 14 liters / min. In the device "Dnepr-1" it is possible to incubate caviar of carp, herbivorous fish, buffalo and withstand up to 4 million eggs; water consumption is 14-20 l / min.

The SK-75 lot incubation apparatus is used for incubation of unglued caviar of sturgeon (600-770 thousand eggs) or carp (1200-1400 thousand eggs) fish. The water entering the device is pre-disinfected in the MBU—3 bactericidal unit; water consumption is 0.1-0.3 l/min.

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Incubation apparatuses

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