• Inbreeding

English inbreeding from in "in" + breeding "breeding".

Inbreeding is inbreeding, i.e. the production of offspring from sires who are closely related, parent - offspring, brother - sister. Inbreeding is necessary to preserve the genes derived from an outstanding ancestor.

Inbreeding is a popular system of mating between related individuals. The resulting offspring have a high level of homozygosity, low variation in traits and reduced viability. Its main goal is to obtain hybrids with high productivity and viability. This phenomenon is called heterosis.

The common origin of the crossed organisms increases the probability that they have the same alleles of any genes, so the probability of homozygous organisms increases with increasing degree of relatedness. The greatest degree of imbreeding is achieved by self-fertilization in animals. Since a high degree of imbreeding often in practice leads to the appearance of organisms with various hereditary anomalies, it is used to a moderate degree.

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