• Hybrid

From the Latin hibrida, hybrida, "interbreeding.

An individual derived from the crossing of female and male organisms that differ significantly in genetic material (different species, genera, breeds). It inherits traits from both parents depending on the species of fish. Hybrids can be intra-parental (when crossing species belonging to the same genus) or inter-parental (when crossing species belonging to different genera). The sterility phenomena of hybrids are heterogeneous. There is variability with respect to the exact stage at which sterility occurs and what its genetic causes are.

Bester - (from the first syllables of the words beluga and sterlet), a hybrid artificially obtained in the USSR as a result of crossing beluga with sterlet in 1952. Combines the rapid growth of the beluga with the early maturation of the sterlet. It is fecund, up to 180 cm long, weighing more than 30 kg.

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