Goatfishes (Mullidae) are a family of fishes in the order Perciformes. There are 7 genera and about 50 species. Benthic marine fishes of the coastal zone and coral reefs. They live in tropical, subtropical and partly temperate waters. Body length 10-50 cm. Mouth lower, a pair of long antennae on the chin. Thoracic position of pelvic fins. Many goatfishes - valuable commercial fish. In Russian waters one genus - Mullus with a single species Mullus barbatus ponticus. In the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov there is a subspecies - Mullus barbatus - a marine fish up to 30 cm long. It is the subject of local fishing. All genera of sultanas (Mullus, Mulloidichthys, Upeneus, Pseudupeneus, Parupeneus) are very similar to each other,

Have two well defined dorsal fins. The first dorsal fin has 6-8 weak barbs folded into a groove. The anal fin has 1-2 weak barbs. A pair of long antennae on the chin. Teeth are small, bristle-like. The body is slender, the snout blunt. Scales are large. Most species are red with a yellowish tinge. The family comprises about 5 genera and 50 species of marine fishes found in tropical, subtropical and partly temperate parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and adjacent seas. They live in coastal areas in shallow waters. Their main food is invertebrates.

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