• Eurybate animals

From Evry... and the Greek bathos - depth.

Eurybates - aquatic animals with a wide vertical range of distribution, i.e. able to live at different depths, are contrasted with stenobates.

Polychaetes are particularly abundant among the benthic eurypterans, e.g. Kesun abyssorum is known from 200 m to 8.5 km, and Amphicteis gunneri from 12 m to 7.5 km. There are similar examples in other groups, such as Siboglinum caulleryi, which lives from the sublittoral to a depth of 8 km. Eurybates also include pelagic animals that make long vertical migrations, for example Calanus cristatus migrates from the surface to a depth of 4 km in the Pacific Ocean during its lifetime. Eurybatness makes it easy to settle, so many are widespread (sometimes even cosmopolitan).

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Eurybate animals

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