• Economic zone

Economic zone - established as a result of delimitation of waters and the bottom of the World Ocean with special rights of states on them. There is a 12-mile zone of territorial waters, contiguous zone (up to 24 miles from inland waters) and 200-mile economic zone, where the state has exclusive rights for exploration, development, conservation and management of living and non-living resources.

The State in its exclusive economic zone shall have the exclusive right:

to explore, exploit and conserve natural resources, both living and non-living, in the waters covering the seabed, on the seabed and in the subsoil thereof

jurisdiction over;

the creation and utilization of artificial islands, installations and structures;

marine scientific research;

protection and preservation of the marine environment.

Rights and duties of other States in the exclusive economic zone:

In the exclusive economic zone, all States shall enjoy freedoms of navigation and flight, laying of submarine cables and pipelines, and other uses of the sea lawful under international law;

States, in exercising their rights and performing their duties in the exclusive economic zone, have due regard for the rights and duties of the coastal State and comply with the laws and regulations adopted by the coastal State.

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Economic zone

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