• Dragnet

A trawl used for fishing in ponds and other small bodies of water. It is a 10 to 30 m long and 1 to 3 m high net, usually without hooks, attached to wooden planks - nags - at the sides.

The net is attached to the drags (nags) with ropes. To determine the mesh size of a dragnet, we can use the classification proposed by the Russian scientist F.I. Baranov in 1923: for catching large fish, the mesh size should be 5 times smaller than the length of the fish, for medium fish - 6.5 times, for small fish - 10 times. It is also possible to catch crayfish with a dragnet.

The delta is fished by entering the water, dragging a known area through the water and pulling it back to shore.

In most countries there are legal restrictions on the use of drags in recreational fishing.

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