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Donkey is a fishing tackle for predatory and peaceful fish from the bottom. Donkeys are structurally different, which led to the emergence of their own names: classic donkey, zakidushka, rubber band, carousel, sweeper and the like.

Bottom fishing rod - fishing tackle designed for bottom fishing. It is a combination of fishing line with a sinker (feeder) and a lead with a hook, which are thrown into the body of water and held in the current due to the weight of the sinker (feeder). Fishing with a bottom line is carried out both from the shore of reservoirs and from boats. Carried out with a variety of rods (often spinning), but sometimes without them. Varieties of bottom fishing line are fishing rubber (bottom rod with a rubber shock absorber), bottom fishing line with a float. For winter fishing is used bottom line of a special design. To the reel of hard wood is attached a nodule made of spring wire and a reel for a stock of fishing line. The rod is frozen into the ice near the hole. When the fish takes the bait, the nodder shudders, and if the fish walks by taking the bait in its mouth, it, skipping the line, will continuously swing and shudder. Nod signals are visible from 10-meter distance, which makes it possible to follow the bite on 4-5 dons.

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