The common bleak (Alburnus alburnus) is a freshwater fish of the carp family. It is a small fish - up to 20 cm long, with an elongated body compressed at the sides. There is a keel between the pelvic and anal fins. Inhabits the waters of Western Europe and the European part of our country. World sociable way of life. Life expectancy is short - 5-6 years, sexual maturity comes in the second year of life. Spawning takes place at the end of May until July at a temperature of 16°C. It lays its eggs on grass, eroded roots of plants, on sand and stones. It feeds on zooplankton, insect larvae, mayflies and insects that fall into the water. Its economic value is low. Subject of recreational fishing.

It has a pelagic colouration - the back is dark, greyish-blue with a greenish tinge, and the belly and sides are silvery with a light sheen. The dorsal and caudal fins are dark and the rest is yellowish or reddish. Scales are unstable, leaving residue on the fingers when touched. Reaches a length of up to 20 cm (average 12-15, the largest - 25) and a weight of up to 60 grams, there are specimens weighing 80-100 grams.

Widespread in rivers of the basins of the Azov, Baltic and Black Seas, rivers of the northern part of the Caspian Sea and the western coast of the White Sea, European part of Russia.

It inhabits rivers, lakes and reservoirs and can also live in the brackish water of estuaries. It is a social fish that prefers the upper layers of water. It feeds on plankton, but also picks up fallen small insects and pollen from the water surface. It spawns in portions, beginning in late May and ending in early July.

It is constantly on the move, very voracious and therefore constantly in search of food, from morning to evening, even at night. The main food is insects, especially flies and webworms. After sunset, when clouds of mosquitoes and gnats are swarming over the water, you can often see them jumping out of the water, one after the other, in swarms that are swimming at the surface: this manoeuvre is probably aimed indirectly at catching these insects: sprayed mosquitoes or gnats fall into the water and become prey for the fish.

It has no special commercial importance.

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Common bleak

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