• Clupeonella

Clupeonella is a genus of fish in the family Clupeidae. The body length is 9 - 15 cm. Abdomen with well-developed keel scales, which form a keel from the throat to the anal fin, compressed from the sides, provided all the way from the throat to the anus with 24-31 strong spiny scales. The mouth is small, upper, toothless. 

The pelvic fins are approximately under the anterior third of the dorsal fin. In the anal fin, the last two rays are elongated, as in sardines and sardinellas.

 The genus contains 4 species inhabiting the Black, Caspian and Azov Seas. 

Life expectancy is not high - 3-4 years. Sexual maturity comes in the first or second year of life. Spawning is portioned. Eggs are buoyant, with a very large purple fat drop, with a large circular yolk space. 

Vertebrae 39-49. Euryhaline and eurythermal fish, living in both brackish, up to 13‰, and fresh water at temperatures from 0 to 24°C. Planktophagous. Clupeonella is the main food of many commercial fishes. They are of great commercial importance.

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