Reclamation (Latin re - prefix indicating renewal or repetition of action; cultivo - to cultivate, to cultivate) is a set of measures for the ecological and economic restoration of water resources whose fertility has been significantly reduced as a result of human activity. The aim of reclamation is to improve environmental conditions and restore the productivity of water bodies.

Types of human activity that may result in the need for water body restoration: economic activities (construction of hydraulic structures and similar facilities); military testing.

Biological water reclamation is a set of measures carried out with the help of living organisms and aimed at improving the composition of the fish fauna in water bodies and their habitat conditions. The destruction of macrophyte thickets by herbivorous fish (grass carp and bighead carp) and the regulation of low-value fish by predatory fish (pike, perch, nelma).

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Biological reclamation of water bodies

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